Popular ATMs were spitting out cash thanks to ‘jackpotting’ flaw reveal hackers

ATM hacking

All of us might be aware that ATMs or automated teller machines are the most effective and easy way to get out cash from bank accounts thanks to the facility of an ATM card. Now, this is also secure thanks to a PIN that we only know and also the feature of OTP that comes to our phone we...

FBI warns about F5 networking devices being attacked by Iranian hacking group

Iranian hackers

We know that hacking is prevalent all around the world but the most amount of hacking attacks take place from hackers located in China, Russia, North Korea or parts of the world where the governments are also sponsoring the attacks. Now, we don't claim that all of the hackers are state-sponsored from here but there is a significant portion...

10 Best Cybersecurity Software Tools in 2020


While we all know that our security is very important in the present day and age, not many realize that cybersecurity is equally important as well. For example, we have seen that whenever there is a  robbery or something gets stolen from somewhere then we have a police case and everything else but if the same happens in the cyber...

This is reportedly how the Twitter’s alleged hackers got arrested

Twitter hack

As you might already know by now, Twitter faced a massive hack last month and this hack also turned into a Bitcoin scam where people's accounts were targetted to post a bitcoin address along with the promise that those donations would get doubled. Now, we know that many fell for this scam as well and the last report says...

Reddit got flooded by hackers with Pro-Trump messages

Reddit hacked

While we do know that it has not been long before the Twitter hack took place, we are seeing another hack that has taken place and this time it is on Reddit. Now, if you read the details of this hack then you will say that this is not at all similar to Twitter's hack and we definitely agree....

Only MAC address was needed to open some Smart Locks: Report

Smart Locks

It is worth noting that there has been a lot of debate about how cybersecurity is an important part of our lives often neglected a lot before the pandemic started and everyone saw how vulnerable everything around us is. However, this report is something that even caught us by surprise and those who are using Smart Lock systems in...

Hackers using skeleton keys to target chip vendors for IP theft

Chip maker companies

Hacking has been prevalent in almost every industry around the world and if you think that the hacks are carried out for ransomware or damaging the system of anyone then you are wrong because hacking takes place in order to steal data as well. For example, there are loads of semiconductor companies in China with the best of them...

Free decryption tools have saved over $600M for ransomware victims

No More Ransom initiative

Ransomware attacks are all over the world right now and we know that the only way to get saved from them is to either have a great security mechanism beforehand or use any decryption tools to avoid the damage. Now, it is great if you have the security for saving yourself from the attack but things get difficult when...

Canon might have suffered a ransomware attack according to report

Canon hack

If the news of Garmin was anything to go by, you would know that ransomware attacks have been very prevalent in the industry since the Coronavirus pandemic has started and this is because the security mechanisms have gone down which means attackers have easier access to companies. However, we have also seen that hackers are trying to attack companies because...

Credentials of 900+ enterprise VPN servers leaked by hacker

Leaked credentials

We know that hacking has almost become a trend these days and we see hacks taking place almost everywhere. This is not to say that hacking is cool because it is not and real information can be stolen as well as millions could be lost. However, it is a fact that hacking has become the new normal and people...