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10 Best Cybersecurity Software Tools in 2020

10 Best Cybersecurity software tools in 2020

While we all know that our security is very important in the present day and age, not many realize that cybersecurity is equally important as well.

For example, we have seen that whenever there is a  robbery or something gets stolen from somewhere then we have a police case and everything else but if the same happens in the cyber world, it should be treated the same way but it is not.

For this reason, it is important to take control of our own things in the online world and cybersecurity tools are the best way to do it. You must have heard about cybersecurity software or tools in the past that help you stay safe from hackers who are trying to get inside your system but did not bother to read much into it.

Well, now is the best time to read more and start using those cybersecurity tools because it has become more important than ever to keep yourself safe from hackers. Not only will you save your system from getting hacker, but cybersecurity software will also help you avoid online identity theft as well as unauthorized data access which often goes unnoticed.

It will be interesting for you to realize that even cybersecurity has subparts which are known as Application security, information security, network security, disaster recovery, operational security that provide all the different kinds of security that you need in this online world.

Some of the most common types of attacks such as a ransomware attack or a malware attack can be avoided. You can also get yourself safe from phishing attempts or social engineering.

Phishing attempts are generally termed as those attacks where a hacker sends you links that lead you to a website or somewhere which captures all your data from the PC and then blackmails you to pay them or get the data released to the public.

One of the most common types of cybersecurity tool you would have heard or used is antivirus software. Well, this type of software do work in providing you security but only if they are from a reputed brand. Otherwise, we have seen antivirus tools that install malware onto your device rather than removing it.

10 Best Cybersecurity software tools in 2020

So let’s get started with our list of the 10 Best Cybersecurity tools that you will need to keep yourself safe from the online predators in 2020.


1. SolarWinds Security Event Manager


The first tool in our list of best cybersecurity tools is the most effective one as you would expect. However, we will also like to tell you that cybersecurity tools don’t come cheap and you will have to pay a heavy amount for getting yourself or your organization secured in this day and age.

Good news is that SolarWinds, like most other cybersecurity tools, does have a trial period so you can have this tool for a spin and see how you like it. If everything looks right, you can buy the full program which costs a whopping $4500.

Now, let’s understand what SolarWinds Security Event Manager and how it helps you. This tool helps you continuously monitor the system to detect network or host intrusion and it also alerts you as soon as it detects the same.

Also since the tool is cloud-based, the reporting is superfast as well as the data is stored not on any single computer or system but in a distributed system.

2. Bitdefender Total Security


Next up in our list is the first entry of an antivirus tool which is named as the Bitdefender Total Security software. As we mentioned earlier, antivirus tools are the safest and the friendliest tools that most people would need to protect themselves from the cyber world.

This tool is available for $42.99 and it can be used for a year from up to 5 devices along with a free trial of 30 days as well.

Not only does Bitdefender Total security feature ransomware protection but it also provides remediation for ransomware as well.

Along with that, you get network threat protection, web attack prevention, anti-fraud as well as rescue mode too.

3. Malwarebytes


Another antivirus software on our list is Malwarebytes which is ever-reliable in removing malware as well as the virus that has come inside your system.

This antivirus software allows you to have a deep scan as well as a quick scan of your system to look our for potentially harmful software or even malware.

While Malwarebytes can be pricey for a team, it is quite inexpensive for personal usage for what it offers. At $39.99 per year, you get the full potential of Malwarebytes and a free trial is also available.

4. Intruder


Next up, we have Intruder which is one of the best cybersecurity tool available right now in the market. Intruder is a software tool which is a network vulnerability scanner and the best part is that it is cloud-based.

The best part is that once you purchase Intruder, you will no restrictions as it provides unlimited scans on-demand along with no limit to user account creation as well.

The software will also show you if there are emerging threats that need to be taken care of or not. It also lets you know if any web apps have known flaws such as SQL injection or cross-site scripting.

5. Mimecast


Mimecast is another great tool to have in your arsenal if you want to avoid all kinds of cybersecurity attacks taking place on your system.

As we mentioned earlier, some of the most common attacks take place through phishing and for that hackers mostly rely on sending spam emails.

This is where Mimecast’s expertise comes into the picture as this tool “provides you email security and cyber resilience”.

Mimecast is known for its immaculate services such as Email security that also offers threat protection, Information protection, Web security, Cloud Archiving, etc.

6. Snort


Now that we have mentioned the top 5 tools for cybersecurity in 2020, you would feel that majority of your systems will be secured with just these tools above.

Well, that’s not the case because we mentioned earlier about there being lots of different categories in cybersecurity and everyone requires their own tool.

Similarly, we have Snort which is a cybersecurity software tool that analyzes packages in the real-time to see if any packets are being snorted upon. This is to say that if someone is trying to trespass the packets in between the sender and receiver then Snort will let you know about the same.

Also, the fact that Snort is an open-source software means that you do not have to shell out for the software which is the best part, in our opinion.

7. CIS


CIS or Center for Internet Security is also one of the best software tools for cybersecurity in 2020. What this tool does is it provides 24×7 security operations and incident response services so that whenever there is a problem in the system, there is someone to take care of the same.

CIS provides a whole lot of suites for businesses so that they are never left out of help when they need it the most. Also for personal usage, there is an automated assessment provided by CIS-CAT Lite that tells you something that needs fixing in your system.

8. Webroot


Webroot is antivirus software that is among the best antivirus tools that you need for your system. Now, you would say that if we have recommended two tools related to antivirus already, who do we need the third one.

To all those people, we would say that it is always better to have multiple antivirus tools on your system especially if you work in a high-risk environment such as a public PC or on public WiFi where chances of getting inside your system are higher.

It is worth noting that Webroot is cloud-based which makes a big difference as it gives you real-time protection like others but also gives you predictive threat intelligence which is one-of-a-kind.

So if you use Webroot, it will predict whether you are about to be attacked or not and tell you if that’s the case to alert you.

9. Norton Security

Norton Security
Norton Security

Norton Security is antivirus software that does more than just providing you protection from viruses because it keeps track of your downloaded files to see if there is a harmful file in there.

It also has a powerful repair and erase tool which is advanced remediation whenever there is a ransomware attack on your system.

On top of all of this, it has its own VPN or virtual private network known as Norton VPN which lets you browse the internet anonymously without leaving footmarks.

10. Wireshark


Last but not the least, we have a cybersecurity tool named Wireshark that does the job very well too. It is a commercially available free tool that lets you monitor network protocols and performs deep inspection of various platforms.

Wireshark also lets you decrypt files of different protocols as well as decompressing files that are in gzip format as well.