Home Cyber Security 4 million Quidd users have their account details shared on hacking forums

4 million Quidd users have their account details shared on hacking forums


We are here to tell you about one more platform that has been compromised in the recent times and this has now started becoming the norm when it comes to hacking news during COVID-19. We don’t understand what it is but hacking has become too frequent during the virus outbreak telling us that something is wrong whether it is no security personnel available as everyone is working from home or something else. But it is what it is and we are here to tell you that a famous platform named Quidd was also hacked and the account details of 4 million users has been shared online.

According to this report, the details of these Quidd users were posted on hacking forums meaning that the chances of exploitation are very much high. For those who are not aware of the Quidd platform, it is an online marketplace for trading stickers, cards, toys, and other collectibles. This also tells us that the platform won’t be having users of older age and the accounts that have been compromised must be of people who are kids or teenagers.

ZDNet also reveals that information from a data trader tells them that the Quidd information has been trading privately among high-level groups for months, with ads for the Quidd info being posted on hacking forums and Pastebin since at least October and December 2019, respectively

As far as the source of this hack is concerned, the same report mentions that hacker known as ProTag was the one who took credit for the breach and first put the Quidd data for sale. The worrying part is that these users’ details are available on public forums and for free which means anyone can access it. Also, it is said that “after initial testing, the data appears to be valid” meaning that the users’ accounts are accessible.