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A hacker claims to have hacked the iPhone Camera with three zero-day vulnerabilities

iPhone camera hacked
iPhone camera hacked

One of the worst nightmares in the world of smartphones is if someone, a hacker, gains access to our camera meaning that they can see everything we are doing on our phones.

While there are hacks in the past where hackers have gained access to the photos, gaining access to the camera is a different thing altogether. Because gaining access to the camera means they are basically spying on us and keeping track of what we are doing which might be used later for blackmailing.

Also, it means that they can record our intimate footage that may be later used for blackmailing and even circulated online to harm our reputation. Now, we are here to tell you that Apple users should be very alert right now because a hacker claims to have hacked the camera of your iPhone.

This is with the help of seven zero-day vulnerabilities that he found inside Apple’s Safari browser. He says that using just three of those seven zero-days, he was able to get access to anyone’s iPhone camera.

The not-so-worrying part about this report is that the person who claims to have hacked the iPhone camera is an ethical hacker and he reported the issues to Apple who then awarded him a bug bounty. This means that you are not at risk of getting hacked because the details of this hack are private.

It is also known that Apple paid him $75,000 for his efforts as he disclosed those seven zero-day vulnerabilities to the company. Talking about this hacker named Ryan Pickren, he says that he has also earned “over $300,000 (£242,500) worth of airline miles back in college from the United Airlines Bug Bounty Program over the course of a summer.”

Revealing about the hack, Ryan says that Apple’s security is intense for third-party apps but its own apps have some loopholes which is how he exploited and gained access to the camera.