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A hacker made hackers pay $20,000 for hacking a hackers forum


One thing we all know is that hackers have a forum among themselves where they discuss all the tricks and tips they use in order to get into platforms and systems and also the fact that they sell hacked information on these forums. However, we have one bizarre incident to report which is interesting for some who are looking to share almost everything on hacking groups by trusting the fellow community members. One hacking forum, named as HackerOne, is known to have been hacked recently and it is not uncommon that a hacking platform can also be hacked.

But the uncommon part is that the hacker who hacked into the platform was one of the members of the group as well. One report mentioned that HackerOne paid in excess of “$75 million (£57 million) in bounties to members of its more than half a million strong hacker community”. Talking about HackerOne, it is a platform that works with ethical hackers “looking for vulnerabilities, and organizations including General Motors, Goldman Sachs, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and even the U.S. Pentagon”. Funnily enough, the HackerOne platform has revealed that one of their members got a little “off-piste” and that he instead hacked the platform.

HackerOne also revealed that they had to pay a total of $20,000 in order to get access back to their own platform. Since the HackerOne platform is an ethical one, it means that most of the vulnerabilities submitted inside it will be of the top-level organizations including the government websites as well and if someone gets inside and sees those vulnerabilities then they can take advantage of the same to hack them rather than reporting those flaws ethically. In a statement, HackerOne said that “sensitive information of multiple objects was exposed,” but “data access was limited to the access the HackerOne Security Analyst had, which does not cover HackerOne’s entire customer base.”