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A massive amount of documents were leaked by hacking group


If you have been f0llowing the world and the internet for a while, you might be aware that hacks have become quite common in recent days because of the pandemic and the problem of systems being less secure than in the past. But on the other hand, we have seen that the hacking groups that were silent for some time have now become much more active and they are doing everything in the book to leak important documents. One of these hacking groups is “Anonymous” which you must have heard of if you have seen our previous posts.

As the name suggests, the hacking group does not have a name of its own which is quite common in the hacking world but some other famous groups do have a name and identity of their own. Ever since the killing of George Floyd, it is known that the Anonymous group has become active much more than ever and that they are targeting law enforcement agencies who are to be blamed for the killing of blacks across the US.

It is known that the hacking group has “returned with a dump of hundreds of gigabytes of law enforcement files and internal communications”. As per another report, “leak-focused activist group known as Distributed Denial of Secrets published a 269-gigabyte collection of police data that includes emails, audio, video, and intelligence documents, with more than a million files in total”.

On further investigation from Wired, it has been revealed that DDoS received these documents from Anonymous but it is also worth mentioning that the hacking group does not have a structure or a leader as such. This means that anyone can claim to be a part of the group and leak stuff under their brand name. Therefore, the group in total can be blamed while the individual might not be targetted.