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A Tesla hacker gets into their system to get performance upgrades at discount

Tesla hacked
Tesla hacked

We have seen that anything which is connected to the internet is bound to have problems such as hacking. While we have seen anything and everything being hacked such as laptops, desktops, smartphones, TVs, ACs fridge and all the other IoT devices, it is now time to go beyond this range. Tesla is a car manufacturer that has been heavy in terms of technology and they have attached full-fledged displays that look like iPads inside their cars. These displays let you see navigation, as well as play games and they, have a powerful computer inside them too.

But since these displays are internet-connected, it was bound to happen that their systems would be hacked and finally someone has found a way inside it. According to a report, Tesla’s system has been hacked by an individual and he is selling performance upgrades which are given by Tesla for their cars but at a discount. The company has been doing some stuff not known to other car manufacturers such as “upgradable software-locked capabilities, like 75 kWh battery pack software-locked at 60 kWh or higher power outputs enabled through software updates”.

If you want to unlock the maximum potential of these cars, you will have to pay a certain amount to the company and it will be unlocked from the software side because the car is fully electric. As per this report, “Guillaume André, the owner of Simon André, an electric vehicle reseller and repair shop based in Trois-Rivieres in Quebec, Canada, decided to see if they could upgrade a Tesla Model 3 RWD to a Dual Motor AWD by adding an electric motor” and they were successful.

Along with this, “they were able to unlock the 50 hp that Tesla sells for $2,000 in its ‘Acceleration Boost’ or even turn the vehicle into a full-on Model 3 Performance”. Now, the company is selling a similar product for $1100 which is $900 less than the original giving the same advantages.