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AI will reportedly go mainstream in marketing in 2020


While we know that one of the best implementations of AI could be in the field of marketing, it hasn’t picked up as expected. This is because of the fact that people still want to try out things before relying on data to implement their marketing strategies. However, the use of AI in marketing could be immense because of the fact that the historical data can be traced and it could find out what strategies are working and at what time of the day or period.

Now, a new report reveals that this year might be the time that AI goes mainstream in the marketing world. This is to say that everyone will adopt AI in the industry by this year if everything goes right. According to a survey, 60% of the marketers are willing to adopt AI this year within the next 12 months. As per the survey, “Marketers have high expectations for AI’s ability to help improve data usage levels, break data silos, and improve marketing effectiveness”.

The main reason why marketers are also looking to adopt AI is to “improve the accuracy, speed, and relevance of responses to customers, marketers, are selectively adopting more AI-based apps into their tech stacks in 2020”.

The report also mentions that “58% of marketers say adopting AI helps their organizations achieve higher revenue, followed by greater customer engagement (57%) and higher ROI (49%)”. This shows that marketers think that it is a no-brainer to adopt AI into their working style but the current limitation might be the availability of proper AI-based apps related to marketing.

Kelton Global, in its report, also mentions that Marketers who take on the challenging work of improving customer experiences using AI are 22% more likely to see revenue gains – some as high as 30%. Also, 75% of marketing leaders are using AI and predictive Modeling to improve the accuracy and speed of cross-channel personalization first