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All Windows versions impacted by PrintDemon vulnerability: Report

Windows vulnerability
Windows vulnerability

We have been reporting to you about how Windows, and even macOS, have been vulnerable to hacks as well as vulnerabilities are there since Intel chips are used inside the laptops and PCs and that they all have shortcomings. However, it is also known that their patches are also available meaning that there is no reason to worry right now that your security is at risk. That being said, we have a new report regarding a vulnerability found inside Windows and the interesting part is that it affects all the Windows versions launched till date.

This means that the vulnerability known as PatchDemon has been affected all Windows versions since 1996 to Windows 10’s latest release. However, it is also worth understanding what the vulnerability is and how it affects systems. As per the researchers who have revealed details about this vulnerability, they claim that the issue exists in Windows’s printing service.

And they have claimed that this affects every Windows version starting from Windows NT released in 1996. As per the additional details, this vulnerability is found inside the Windows Print Spooler which is responsible for print operations inside the operating system and is found on each of the Windows versions.

ZDNet reveals that this “service can send data to be printed to a USB/parallel port for physically connected printers; to a TCP port for printers residing on a local network or the internet; or to a local file, in the rare event the user wants to save a print job for later”.

This is where the problem lies because researchers have found that the system can be abused and that they can hijack the Windows Print Spooler. That being said, researchers do clarify that remote access from this vulnerability is not possible. But it can be used to run a Powershell command in order to get admin privileges but that has to be done locally.