Home Cyber Security Almost all home routers have known unpatched flaws find researchers

Almost all home routers have known unpatched flaws find researchers

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Home Routers

There is a lot going on in the security and hacking industry that almost always goes under the radar before something big happens and everything is uncovered slowly and steadily. We feel that the same is happening due to the Coronavirus pandemic where we are seeing most of the big malware and ransomware attacks taking place while people are also forced to reveal them due to the user interest. On the other hand, we know that businesses have significantly better security in offices compared to their employees working from home. This is why work from home for companies that have fear of data leak is not practised but right now they are forced to do it.

A new report has now been put forward by research in the security department and home router security in particular. We had know that home routers are generally vulnerable so a password needs to be set and there are some other factors too. But security researchers have revealed that almost every home router is vulnerable and carry known flaws out of the box. This means that no matter what you do, every home router can be hacked if someone wants to. A study shows that there is no router for home that is without security issues.

They reveal that every router runs Linux but that is not wrong, the worst part is that version of Linux is unpatched and ancient. Now, if your router allows you to upgrade the version of Linux than it is generally good but it is most unlikely for older routers. The study also confirms that “46 routers hadn’t got a single security update within the past year and that many routers are affected by hundreds of known vulnerabilities”. It is also found out that D-Link, Linksys, TP-Link and Zyxel are less secured while Asus and Netgear are better but they also need to do a better job.