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Apple provides free resources to improve your passwords

Apple password rules
Apple password rules

One of the most common problems that we have noticed with the internet security and hacks that are taking place is the passwords that people set for their accounts. It is common knowledge that simple passwords are much easier to crack compared to complex passwords that can also be cracked but require much more time and resources. However, we have seen people setting passwords such as 12345678 or even abcd or something that is extremely generic and doesn’t need any expertise to crack. So in order to make people set better passwords, companies are now providing password generators that automatically set a strong password for you.

It is also worth noting that if a password is very easy to remember for you, it should be extremely easy for anyone to crack as well. So make sure to set a password that is complex for the mind so that it becomes complex for others too. In order to help people do this, Apple has come forward and open-sourced a resource which tells you how to set strong passwords.

These resources are available on Github and have been collectively named as “Password Manager Resources” which according to the description are “meant to help developers of password manager apps create better experiences for users”. As per Apple’s statement, they “published these tools to address a long-standing issue with password manager applications that impact users across all operating systems, and not just macOS and iOS”

The main issue with password managers is that while they create extremely robust passwords in terms of security, they are sometimes not compatible with the websites they have been created for. Because some special characters are not allowed on websites whereas there might be other reasons too. So Apple has shared these resources with rules for most websites around the world and how they allow setting passwords.