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Apple’s default mail app for iPhones has had a major flaw from years says report

Apple Mail app
Apple Mail app

Apple is known to be one of the best companies when it comes to privacy, security as well as patching the flaws that its products might have. Apple has also pitched itself in the industry as the company that cares most about user privacy compared to the likes of Google and Microsoft. It is also seen that Apple bashes Android compared to its own iOS in terms of security and privacy. However, iOS is not the most secure platform in the world as well and it is prone to hacks.

Now, a new report reveals something very serious that should concern all the iPhone users as well as iOS security advocates. Because researchers have revealed that a major flaw has been present in iPhone’s default mail app for years. Since this is the app which comes by default on every iPhone, it is likely that more than half the users use this app rather than installing third-party apps like Gmail or Yahoo mail.

The research firm that has revealed this flaw says that it is nothing new because the issue has been present inside iOS’s mail app for almost 10 years now. This also tells you that the flaw must have been exploited for years without anyone’s notice. Even the research firm believes “with high confidence that these vulnerabilities… are widely exploited in the wild in targeted attacks by an advanced threat operator(s).”

This research firm named ZecOps also says that “individuals from a Fortune 500 company in North America.” are among the six high profile that has become a target of this security flaw that they are aware of. Revealing about the flaw, ZecOps says that “The attack’s scope consists of sending a specially crafted email to a victim’s mailbox enabling it to trigger the vulnerability in the context of iOS MobileMail application on iOS 12 or mailed on iOS 13,”