Home Cyber Security Australia is under massive cyberattack from state-based actors: Official

Australia is under massive cyberattack from state-based actors: Official

Australia cyber attack
Australia cyber attack

We have seen that the world is fighting the Coronavirus pandemic but the security professionals are also fighting the security issues that they are facing right now. It is known that the Chinese hackers are on a rampage and they are hacking everything they can and enter systems in order to do something that they only know.

But we have not seen a country announce that they are under a cyberattack but that is also done now. Because Australia’s PM held a press conference last night where he said that his country is under a massive cyber attack right now.

He also mentioned that these attack is being carried out by state-based actor meaning hacking group which is sponsored by state and has full backing from them if anything happens. Australian PM also said that ”

Based on advice provided to me by our cyber experts, Australian organisations are currently being targeted by a sophisticated state-based cyber actor,” and added that “This activity is targeting Australian organisations across a range of sectors, including all levels of government, industry, political organisations, education, health, central service providers, and operators of other critical infrastructure.”

On being asked why he believes that the hacking is from a state-backed actor, the Australian PM Scott Morrison says that it is a “sophisticated state-based cyber actor because of the scale and nature of the targeting and the tradecraft used”

Adding to this, he said that “The threshold for public attribution on a technical level is extremely high, so Australia doesn’t engage lightly in public attributions, and when and if we choose to do so is always done in the context of what we believe to be in our strategic national interest,”

He was also asked if the attack is being done by China-based actors and being diplomatic, the PM said that “The Australian government is not making any public attribution on these matters,”