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Balbix awarded as Hot Security technology of the year for AI in Security


Balbix, a company which is providing the first system for cybersecurity posture transformation in the industry, has revealed that they have been chosen as the AI Tech Trailblazers. For context, this is an annual award given by Tech Trailblazers for the companies that have done the best job in field of cybersecurity. Balbix says that they are proud to be named as 2019 Tech Trailblazers which is the first independent and dedicated global awards program for enterprise information technology startups.

Vinay Sridhara, CTO of Balbix says that “This award celebrates innovation at its most cutting edge, and we are honoured to be the 2019 Trailblazer in AI,”. He adds that “Cybersecurity is rapidly transforming as threats become increasingly sophisticated and the need for digital infrastructure to monitor vulnerabilities is more apparent. The Balbix platform is the first to deploy AI to effectively manage these challenges and we’re thrilled to have our record of innovation continuously recognized. “

As far as these awards are concerned, Tech Trailblazers have an aim to focus on leading enterprise technology startups across the globe with a focus on topics such as AI, big data, blockchain, cloud, Infosecurity, high-performance computing, mobile, networking, storage, and virtualization.

Founder of Tech Trailblazers said in a statement that “It’s fantastic to continue to see such award-winning innovation across every category, Based on our analysis of the success of our alumni, it’s clear that the winners of our awards also turn into winners for founders and investors. We congratulate all the winners both on their trailblazing and on their efforts to bring these innovations to market.”

The selection of awards, as revealed by the company, was based on the public votes which compromised of 49% of the overall score whereas 51% of the score was decided based on judges’ opinion which is a great metric to hand out the awards.