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‘Battalion’ of 60 hackers reportedly hacked U.S. Air Force with success

US Air Force
US Air Force

We are in the middle of a lockdown all over the globe and there are increasing cases of security breaches everywhere because of the fact that security resources are not available and loopholes are increasing. However, we are also seeing an increase in reports of old hacks that are coming into light right now. For example, we have seen multiple reports regarding hacks that have taken place months ago in recent past. Now, a new report has emerged which is the most concerning because it is related to the U.S. Air Force.

This report reveals that the U.S. Air Force came under attack during the four weeks by the end of 2019. Also reported is that a total of 60 hackers managed to hack the U.S. Air Force during this attack. It is further revealed that the duration between October 23 and November 20 saw this attack take place and it is concerning that the attack was successful in nature.

As per the report, Dr. Michael Parker, CIO, and deputy chief of U.S. Air Force staff for manpower, personnel and services said that a “battalion” of 60 hackers managed to carry out this operation and he also took aim at the Air Force Virtual Data Center. This is because the data center was not able to find out about the attack prior to it and could not stop it as well.

However, the hack is not much of a threat because the hackers were from white hat group who are there to help the companies or organizations in finding flaws and reporting them to the concerned agencies themselves rather than exploiting the vulnerabilities. This was a part of the challenge named Hack the Air Force 4.0 where these hackers managed to trespass the U.S. Air Force security and get inside the system. It is said that the challenge is organized to strengthen the security posture of the department.