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Blogging platform Ghost gets hacked and infected with crypto-miner

Ghost blogging
Ghost blogging

One thing we know is that blogging, SEO and Digital Marketing are terms which we have been hearing from quite some time now and it should be the case for a long time going forward. These are the fields where people will be looking to start their career more and more since they have the freedom of working from home as well as get steady income even during a crisis. Having said that, choosing the blogging platform to kickstart your blog is a matter of choice.

At the moment, WordPress is the preferred choice for most of us when it comes to building a blog and if you want to know, the article you are reading is also on a website built upon WordPress. This tells you the significance of WordPress as a blogging platform. But that is not to say that there are no other competitors since there are many and one of them is Ghost. Ghost is said to offer a much simpler approach to blogging the same as the likes of Google’s Blogger or WordPress.com would offer.

Talking about Ghost, we have reports that the platform was under attack and it is known that the hack was successful as well. The interesting part about this hack is that it has a connection to LineageOS server hack that we ran yesterday. Because Ghost was also hacked “via the same vulnerability that allowed hackers to breach LineageOS servers hours before” as per the report.

It is a relief to know from the Ghost team that “while hackers had access to the Ghost(Pro) sites and Ghost.org billing services, they didn’t steal any financial information or user credentials”. They also added that “The mining attempt spiked CPUs and quickly overloaded most of our systems, which alerted us to the issue immediately,” which can also be said as a DDoS attack of some sorts.