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Brown-Forman Denying The Ransomware Attack While REvil Is Said To Put Encrypted Files On Sales

REvil ransomware
REvil ransomware

Brown-Forman can be still at risk of the REvil ransomware hack. Brown-Forman Corporation is the official manufacturer of Jack Daniels whiskey. It is a well-known alcohol company based in the US. Recently, a ransomware attack was mountant against the company. Although, the officials of the company have admitted that they have successfully overcome the ransomware attack and have also prevented the criminals from encrypting their files. But the REvil gang have some other details.

Brown-Forman has reportedly refused to pay any ransom to the REvil gang for their encrypted files. But the sensitive data is still stolen by the gang and it is also said that they will be using it for their own benefit. The REvil gang has also published some screenshots related to the company’s data on the darknet. Although, there are no more clues available online regarding the situation.

The REvil gang is not stopping their ransomware attacks anytime soon. Recently, they have also encrypted files of three international targets namely quest-worldwide.com in Australia, eurecat.com in France, and National Western Life in the USA. The companies are always paying the ransom in these types of situations and this will help the gangs to expand their business and encrypt more and more files of such big companies. Ransomware attacks are always increasing in today’s world.

REvil group also stole gigabytes of legal documents from GSMLaw law firm. The encrypted files contain dozens of international stars and celebrities sensitive data. The files were up for sale in $1.5 million on the “wall-of-shame” section in their darknet official blog. Although, this can be just a bait. The Spanish state-owned railway infrastructure manager, ADIF was also one of the victims of REvil ransomware attack recently. The gang was able to hack around 800 GB of data from the company’s system. It was a perfect hack on the system.