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‘Business-driven’ cybersecurity research centre to be set up by RMIT

RMIT research centre
RMIT research centre

It is known that people have been researching quite a lot regarding cybersecurity which includes the ways in which cyber-attacks take place and also the possible ways to avoid those attacks prior to them taking place. We have also seen researches being conducted in order to develop immunity against those attacks. Now, this happens in research centres and labs built for the exact purpose and we are now seeing reports of a new research lab being set up by RMIT. It is known that a “business-driven” research centre on the issue of cybersecurity will be set up.

Also, the institution has revealed that Deakin cybersecurity academic will lead the research centre and this will be a multi-disciplinary centre meaning that researches other than cybersecurity might also take place at this centre. Also, Professor Matthew Warren from the Deakin University will be head of this research centre who is believed to be an expert in the field of cybersecurity.

In a statement by the RMIT, it was mentioned that Professor Matthew “will establish a new cybersecurity research centre that will focus on the needs of business and bring together a breadth of expertise from across the University.” The statement adds that “Our new centre will have a strong focus on looking at the human element and what cybersecurity means for business,”. RMIT says that “It will also investigate consumers’ concerns around trusting businesses with their data.”

From the statement, it is clear that RMIT is looking to set up this centre and think about all the possible ways in which they can help enterprises make their cybersecurity better.

Professor Warren said that “a new holistic cybersecurity research centre that will investigate a range of aspects including data security but also the business aspects like policy, infrastructure, supply chain and management security.”“This will be the first centre in Australia to have a business-driven view of cybersecurity, moving beyond the traditional data and technology focus,”