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Canon might have suffered a ransomware attack according to report

Canon hack
Canon hack

If the news of Garmin was anything to go by, you would know that ransomware attacks have been very prevalent in the industry since the Coronavirus pandemic has started and this is because the security mechanisms have gone down which means attackers have easier access to companies.

However, we have also seen that hackers are trying to attack companies because of the financial loss due to the pandemic and they are trying to recover for the same. Now, we know that this is no way to recover losses but it is what it is and companies have to stay safe somehow.

Talking about Garmin and the ransomware attack they went through, it is reported that Canon might also have something similar on their hands. Because this report claims that Canon is also facing a ransomware attack and that 10TB of their data is stolen by the hack too. This report also says that the image.canon site outage that took place last week was due to this attack.

Now, we know that this news is fresh which is why there is not a lot of information regarding it. However, Bleeping Computer does have a ransom note from a hacker claiming to have gained access to Canon. Bleeping Computer reports that “Canon was attacked during the morning of August 5 by the notorious Maze ransomware gang. A member of the cybercrime group told the publication that it had stolen 10 terabytes of “data, private databases, etc.””

Maze group of hackers have said that they did not attack Canon which rules them out of the hacking which reportedly took place. Furthermore, it is reported that “a total of 24 Canon domains that appear to have been impacted which also include canonhelp.com which is showing an internal server error message if you try and connect across the web.”