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Carnival Cruise lines hit by Cyber-Attack

Carnival Cruise lines
Carnival Cruise lines

We have seen all sorts of firms getting hit by Cyber-attacks. However, this must be something new for everyone as it is reported that Carnival Cruise has been hit by a Cyber-attack. Princess Cruises which is a part of Carnival reported that they have been hit by a Cyber-attack and that this happened back in May 2019. This attack took place with the help of emails sent to their employees which let hackers obtain access to these employee email accounts and other parts of the system. This is a classic way of email phishing and this cruise line was hit by them.

Now, it is known that the cyber-attackers were able to access the information of their employees as well as the customers. Also, the extent of these data is quite large as the stolen information includes names, Social Security numbers, passport and other government identification numbers, national identity cards, health-related data and financial information like credit card numbers.

It is worth noting that Carnival is also the cruise line which has a ship responsible for having passengers in the COVID-19 virus and that meant the ship has to be quarantined for weeks in the middle of the sea. The Carnival staff said that once they came to know about the attack, “they immediately shut down the attack and took steps to prevent any further infiltrations. They then hired a major cybersecurity company to investigate the hack, although the details of the company remain private”.

Carnival Cruise also says that the company has “chosen to provide affected customers with credit monitoring services as well as identify protection services, both for free”. Although the information has been stolen from many months now, Carnival Cruise says that none of that information seems to have been used by the hackers yet.