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Chegg gets hacked for the third time in three years


You might be totally aware of the severe hacking incidents that are taking place ever since the Coronavirus lockdown have started. And it is fair to say that there is a relation between the virus outbreak and the hacking incidents. Because as people are staying at home and being less secure, it is getting easier for hackers to get inside systems. Now, a new hacking report has emerged and this time, it is an education system that has been targeted. The education tech giant we are talking about is Chegg which has reportedly been hacked recently.

According to Chegg’s own statement, the hackers who got into their systems stole 700 current and former employee records, including their names and Social Security numbers. It is also known that Chegg had more than 1400 employees at the start of this year which means half of its employees’ details have been hacked in this attack. Chegg also revealed that it enlisted an outside forensic firm — without naming the firm — and notified law enforcement of the breach. However, it is not known how the hackers got into its system and what other details were accessed if not stolen.

Now, this is not the first time that Chegg has been hacked and it looks like the same hackers have trespassed the systems for third time in as many years. The first hacking incident reported by Chegg was in 2018 and at that time, it was known that 40 million customer records were stolen by hackers which also made the company reset all its users’ passwords so as to avoid the damage. Later, one more hacking incident was reported by the company. Details of that incident are also not known but it was also believed to have made some damage. Now that the third hacking incident has happened, it does like Chegg needs to fix some loopholes in its systems.