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China builds a new earthquake monitoring system based on A.I

Chinese earthquake monitoring system
Chinese earthquake monitoring system

You must be aware that the applications of artificial intelligence in our lives are huge. This technology can be used anywhere and everywhere and we now see one example of it. According to a new report from China, the country has built a new earthquake monitoring system. And this system is reportedly using AI to detect earthquakes.

It is known that China is one of the locations where the world’s deadliest earthquakes in history have taken place. This is also the reason why the country needs to step up its efforts to detect earthquakes beforehand and alert its citizens. As per this report, the latest major seismic disaster in China was the magnitude 8 Sichuan earthquake in 2008, with more than 87,000 fatalities.

The report from Science and Technology Daily says that “Developed by the University of Science and Technology of China and the China Earthquake Administration, the new AI-enabled quake monitoring system is a six-year research project that has been put on a one-year trial in the two provinces”

This new system is said to be more efficient and accurate in computing as compared to manual methods and it should also reduce the missed reports and give accurate estimates without errors. Also, the research system is said to be in talks with various disaster monitoring organisations in a number of earthquake-prone countries including Japan, Turkey and Mexico to help them with their method as well.

China expects to become a global leader in the field by 2030, with a core AI industry worth about 1 trillion yuan by that time and it is also expecting further economic growth and help solve deep-rooted social problems. China hopes that the adoption of AI will also help solve their uneven distribution of resources in education and health care.