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Chinese ‘Frontline’ research firm gets hacked and information available on dark web

CT Scans
CT Scans

We have seen that everyone is finding a new way in which they can fight the coronavirus pandemic and while we know that testing and detecting the virus is a major step, it is seen that ways of testing are being carried out. It is a fact that testing needs to be done by swab and saliva tests and that there is 24 hour period before the test results are available, we are also seeing rapid tests being carried out right now.

On the other hand, there is also a new technology which is being deployed for this purpose which is to detect the Coronavirus with the help of CT Scans which are said to be controversial and less effective in finding the virus inside our body. However, Chinese research firm says that they are using it and it has mostly been effective.

Therefore, it is obvious that the world would want to know more about how those tests are being conducted. Due to that reason, the same research firm also known as “Frontline” has reported that they got hacked and that their information has been accessed and being leaked on the dark web.

Researchers at Cyble have said that a “threat actor they describe as “credible,” has gained access to the medical company’s “COVID-19 detection technology source code and COVID-19 experimental data.” As per the research, it is found out that the threat actor “THE0TIME” is selling the data for 4 BTC, around $30,000. That data is said to include user information, technology source code, and reports on experiments.

Cyble’s researchers also revealed to Forbes that they “reviewed the exclusive and non-public samples and verified the claim that way”. The fact is that this technology is extremely expensive and is being used by Chinese and being sold at $50,000 per hospital per month and it is possible that someone wanted to take revenge for the same.