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Chinese groups have increased cyberattacks according to expert reports

Chinese hackers
Chinese hackers

While we know that the coronavirus outbreak has gripped the whole world due to the serious threat of the virus, it is known that the cyber world is also facing a lot of issues due to the virus. Because hackers are trying to exploit the people who have been working from home or are staying indoors and gaining their information through the way of hacking. Now, we know that there has been a team of cyber experts that have come out in order to prevent these cyberattacks from happening but even they can only do so much and it is up to the people to prevent themselves.

Talking about the cyberattacks and the frequency of them, it is revealed via a new report that the cases of attacks are even increasing day by day. It is also reported that Chinese groups have increased cyberattacks after this COVID-19 outbreak. While we know that Chinese and Russian groups are behind most of the significant attacks, it is interesting to see that Chinese groups are back at it after what has been a rough three-month period for the country that has just got back up and running after the outbreak.

As per the report, it is said that “FireEye experts discovered that the Chinese cyber threat group known as APT41 had launched what they described as “one of the broadest campaigns by a Chinese cyber espionage actor we have observed in recent years.”

The same report also mentions that these attacks are more on “firms involved in the banking, construction, defense, manufacturing, telecommunications, media and utility sectors, among others”.  And while there is no data regarding why these firms are attacked, the experts say that these “victims appear to be more targeted in nature”. It looks like the Chinese hackers are trying to take advantage of the government resources being deployed in the health sector so they can exploit other areas and get secrets of the state which can then be used for exposing.