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Chinese hackers might launch a massive cyberattack on Indian businesses

Chinese hackers
Chinese hackers

It is no secret that Chinese hackers have been notorious about targeting countries that they have a bad situation with and we saw this when the US-China trade war was at its peak. Because at that time, reports of US businesses getting hacked were quite common and almost all of them were done by state-sponsored hackers believed to be from China and there was a reason as well. Now, the same situation could be repeated with India because the current situation between India and China is almost on the verge of war.

To understand the situation, China and India share a border in the Northern part named as Ladakh region by India. Here, China is claiming that they own the entire region of Ladakh but they have come down to occupying some remote parts of the region and that is how the situation is tense. Now, we know that the modus operandi by China is that they let their army fight with the enemy on one side while their hackers would get into Indian businesses to cause them damage as well as leak sensitive information.

Now, there is a new report of the same repeating from the Chinese side as per a firm named Cyfirma which is a research company aware of the matter. The firm reveals that in the last 10 days, there has been a lot of discussion from Chinese hackers on the dark web where they reportedly want to “teach India a lesson”.

They also expressed their frustration on Indians by saying that “this is one nation who doesn’t want to listen to us”. This is also because the people of India have announced a boycott of Chinese products across departments meaning that they could have a major financial loss if it turns out to be the case.