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Companies still facing difficulties in implementing Cybersecurity despite new tactics: Survey


You must have seen that a lot of effort has been made to secure the companies from getting hacked as much as possible. This is because a lot of confidential data is available with those firms that could cause problems for users whose data gets leaked. Also, concerning part about those leaks is that the data gets sold in the dark web which means you might never know that your data is with someone else. This is why people are telling the companies to step up their cybersecurity game and become secure.

This is also the reason why new tactics have been implemented so that the companies don’t become vulnerable to the old tactics which are already known to attackers. Now, a new survey from CNet gives surprising results about different companies and their cybersecurity implementation. It is revealed from this survey that 68% of the respondents who are mostly employees of the same company feel “somewhat confident” about their firm’s cybersecurity.

On the other hand, 16% of the respondents felt “very confident” while 16% felt “not at all confident” in their company’s strategy. The reason why this survey is important is that if the company’s employees are not very confident in their firm’s strategy, how can a general user feel confident about the same.

Also, the survey respondents reveal that 45% of them are responsible for creating their company’s cybersecurity strategy. As far as the new tactics for cybersecurity implemented by companies is concerned, the survey reveals that these tactics include depreciated/unsupported hardware and software removal (54%), adding new firewall or antivirus/malware product (52%), providing additional staff training (49%), and instituting mandatory encryption or multi-factor authentication (47%).

Some of the biggest challenges in cybersecurity, as revealed by the respondents, included employee training, constantly evolving threats and even funding.