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Cyabra Founder Explained The Pyramid Of Disinformation And Deepfake Videos On Internet


Deepfake is the term which is nowadays used for the videos which are created to fabricate any information or any other wrong purposes. To be honest, we all come across several videos which are fake and are out there on the internet to misinterpret the information to the users. These videos are created using generative adversarial networks (GANs). GANs are various machine learning algorithms.

To overcome the misinformation which is spread on the internet by these deepfake videos people are now starting a business to take care of this. Cyabra is the latest startup organisation build to overcome deepfake videos from the internet. The organisation consists of an 11-person team. The people are all veteran cybersecurity experts from the Israeli Defense Forces’ Special Operations Department. The potential clients of the startups are mainly from the region of the USA.

Co-founder of the organisation and chief product officer, Yossef Daar recently did an interview with the observer. The first appearance of these videos was in 2017. The latest app called face swap is the example of such videos. Cyabra is since then developing advanced technology to detect these deepfake videos. In the year 2018, the detection of these videos became harder. Further, in the year 2019, Facebook released a dataset called the Deepfake Detection Challenge Dataset. The Dataset included more than 100,000 deepfake videos to test and improve the detection technology.

As of now, Cyabra is said to have a 91% accurate deepfake detection technology. On with the interview, the founder of Cyabra also explained the disinformation campaign. The disinformation is like a pyramid on the top layer of the pyramid, we have the avatars and on the lower level, we have fake users. On top, there are real people. He also further explains that how coronavirus has affected the business of Cyabra. He said that finalising deal takes lot more time now.