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Cyber experts team up to fight hacking amidst COVID-19

Phishing attacks
Phishing attacks

We have been reporting new incidents of the Coronavirus pandemic-related hacking cases that have increased quite a lot in recent times. This is also because of the fact that most of the people have been working from home and that naturally makes them more vulnerable to clicking links which are phishy and on unprotected servers that can leak out their personal details.

Now, we have a positive report regarding these hacking cases where a task force has been created to fight these issues of hacking. A team of 400 individuals who are experts in the field of cybersecurity have taken a pledge to safeguard people during these times. This international group is called as the COVID-19 CTI league and it is made for cyber threat intelligence. Also, the group includes professionals from companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and others.

Marc Rogers, who is one of the four initial managers of the effort, said that the top priority would be working to combat hacks against medical facilities and other frontline responders to the pandemic. It is already working on hacks of health organizations. He added that “key is the defence of communication networks and services that have become essential as more people work from home”.

He adds that “I’ve never seen this volume of phishing,”. “I am literally seeing phishing messages in every language known to man.” He also praised the people who have come forward for this initiative by saying that “I have never seen this level of cooperation,”. “I hope it continues afterwards because it’s a beautiful thing to see.”

This group is made to fight the attempts of phishing that are being carried out where the hackers send you an email with a malicious link and hope that you click the link so that malware gets downloaded and installed inside your system to infect the system.