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Cyber Security needs AI with human spirit says Microsoft

Ann Johnson
Ann Johnson

One thing we have seen a lot of people talk about in the world of cybersecurity is that there are always concerns and then there are ways to combat those concerns as well. Now, we have seen that two big words in the industry have been said a lot right now. These are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and both these words have a deep attachment with cybersecurity as well. With the help of AI and ML, as they are called shortly, we can understand the patterns that emerge and then secure the systems even more.

However, it is also said that AI needs to be more human-like to understand different types of threats which are not always true or false in nature. Now, Microsoft says that AI and ML can help security teams do things that are not even possible for humans to do. Having said that, the company adds that “AI is not enough” as per Ann Johnson who is the corporate VP of Microsoft’s Cybersecurity Solutions Group.

Ann says that “We need to combine AI with that human apathy,”. She also adds that “We need both humans and technology working together. We need to embrace the human spirit that we have in cybersecurity.” This was said by Ann Johnson at the RSA conference keynote which is the biggest cybersecurity conference out there.

Also, Johnson believes that such types of AI systems need to be developed and quickly at that. Because she says that blackhats are also using AI to attack different cities, elections as well as even the Tokyo Olympics starting later this year.

She states “Take it from me that in cybersecurity, investing in the human element will always give the good guys an edge, And we absolutely can’t wait. I’m not an alarmist, but the stakes are getting higher. Attackers are targeting everything: intellectual property, critical infrastructure, and elections.”