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Cybercrime store MagBO selling access to 43,000 hacked servers

Shady marketplace
Shady marketplace

We have seen that websites are getting hacked these days because of the fact that workforce around the world has been decreased and the security mechanisms that were so tight before the COVID-19 period have been relaxed which means it is the perfect time for hackers and shady people to penetrate. Having said that, we are now getting a new report regarding a website that is used for buying and selling stuff which is important for hackers. According to this report, it is found out that information regarding the whole servers that have been hacked is being sold.

For those who don’t know what a server is, it is basically the whole directory where websites are hosted. For example, a typical server can store more than 10,000 websites allocating space as per their requirements. This means that if a server has been hacked, all the websites hosted on it also get hacked. And now we have a report that information regarding more than 43,000 servers is found on a platform named MagBO which sells such stuff online.

MagBO is said to have become quite popular recently and it has “soared in popularity to become the largest criminal marketplace of its kind since its launch in the summer of 2018” Now, it is also found out that this marketplace was selling 3000 websites a few years back but it has now grown to sell 43000 websites in a matter of two years.

With this new report regarding MagBO, it must be noted that the platform is no longer going to be ignored and we cannot afford to do that as well. It is something that the cybercrime experts should look at very seriously and understand how they are able to buy and sell such stuff online. It is known that while MagBO is public, access to it is only available for approved members who have to go through a strict vetting process.