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Cybersecurity developed to detect hacks in critical smart devices by researchers

IoT devices
IoT devices

We have kept reporting about hacks taking place in the world, almost everywhere in the world, apart from their source countries such as China and Russia as well as North Korea from a while now. It is also known that hackers have targeted almost everything ranging from the medical field to the companies working in the technology sector among others. Talking about technology, reports of smart devices getting hacked have also done the rounds and now there is some good news regarding this issue.

It is known via the University of Texas and San Antonio that researchers have developed a cybersecurity mechanism that will be able to detect hacks that might be taking place on critical smart devices.

Researchers have said that “Smart devices are here to stay—inside our homes, cars and businesses. They are used in water facilities, power utilities and manufacturing plants all over the country. But without ensuring a proactive security plan, malicious cyber actors—including state-sponsored threats—can use such unprotected devices to infiltrate every facet of our lives,”

They add that it is important to protect those devices because they have seen “hundreds and thousands of infected IoT devices that are still in operation here in the U.S. without anyone pinpointing them.”

Their main point here is that “The growth in telehealth medicine leveraged with IoT has improved health care access for patients but also raises the risk factor.” This is true because while we are getting used to technology in almost every department, it is important to understand and fight its risks as well.

Researchers share their final thoughts on their development by saying that “It’s crucial that both companies who rely on these IoT devices and those who manufacture them understand how to balance digital risk with fast health care delivery. We hope that sharing threat information from our cybersecurity capability, the industry will be proactive and protect against these ever-changing exploitations.”