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Cyble Has Warned That The Hackers May Have Breached The Data Of Paytm Mall

A US-based cyber research firm called Cyble has recently clarified that Paytm Mall was under hack. The firm also said that the hack was undertaken by a hacker group with the alias ‘John Wick’. As per the report by Cyble, it is quite clear that the hackers were able to breach the data and gain unrestricted access to the app’s data basis. Paytm is a widely used application in India and one of its branches is called Paytm Mall. Users can buy their essential items on the app through Paytm Mall.

Paytm is a payment solutions provider. The concerned authorities of the application have although said that they do not have encountered any hack related to the data breach. The authorities also investigated the claims made by the research form but they do not found any security lapses. As per the official statements from a Paytm Mall spokesperson, it is said that “We would like to assure that all user, as well as company data, is completely safe and secure… We have been investigating the claims of a possible hack and data breach, and haven’t found any security lapses yet,”

Paytm has been investing a higher amount in data security. They also have a Bug Bounty program. The application is always alert about the security risks and they always follow updates to prevent any data breach or encryption of files. The research firm of Cyble, however, was quite evident that the breach has happened. They also clarified that the breach may be an insider job. The hacker may have gained access to the database of Paytm Mall. It is a very big security threat if the claims are verified.

Sources of Cyble has also confirmed that the hacker has asked for the ransom payment from Paytm Mall. However, they further stated that the information about the payment of the ransom is not present. The hacker has reportedly asked for 10 Ethereum equivalent to $4000 from the applications.