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Cygilant can be the new victim of a ransomware attack by NetWalker: Authorities released official statement

Taiwan hacking
Taiwan hacking

There is a wide increase in the ransomware attacks going on during this time of the pandemic. One of the threat detection company has recently discovered a ransomware attack. Cygilant released an official statement stating that a ransomware attack could be right around the corner. The Chief Financial Officer of the company released the statement about a possible ransomware attack that can be recorded in the technological environment portion of their company. She clearly stated that “aware of a ransomware attack impacting a portion of Cygilant’s technology environment.”

The Chief Financial Officer also stated that the Cyber Defence And Response Centre of the company have taken immediate action to stop the ransomware attack. She also clearly stated that they are working with the third-party forensic investigators and the law enforcement agency so that they can understand the objective of the ransomware attack. They are still investigating the impact caused by the ransomware attack. The company is working towards developing the strongest security program so that they can beat the attack in the matter of a few seconds.

The attack was carried out by a very famous ransomware service group known as NetWalker. NetWalker is a popularly known ransomware hacker gang. The gang is believed to provide threat groups rent access to its infrastructure so that they can launch their own attacks on big companies. This is a very famous tactic used by many such gangs. The software also exfiltrates the data of the victim to the hacker’s servers. The victims are forced to pay the ransom and if they do not agree to pay their files are stolen and then published on the network. Cygilant has not made any statement about the ransom yet. There is no proof that they have paid the ransom or not paid the ransom.

As per the experts, it is said that these groups are very quick to delist the companies even if they have paid the ransom.