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Dark Web hosting provider shuts down after second hack in 16 months

Dark Web
Dark Web

It has really been one of the worst times in the world economy due to the COVID-19 situation as we are already seeing physical work being disrupted. There have been hundreds of thousands of events, small and big and even the massive ones like the Olympic Games that have been either delayed, postponed or even canceled. However, we now have reports of the virtual world getting affected by this virus pandemic as well.

We have a new report where it is revealed that a dark web hosting provider is shutting down due to two hacking attempts in the last 16 months that have made them close operations. Now, those who are not aware of dark web should not that it is somewhat similar to the internet but is hidden from the outside world. You need a separate browser to browse dark web and browsers such as Chrome or Firefox won’t open any website on the dark web.

Therefore, it is obvious that the hosting providers for dark web sites will also be different. Thus, Daniel’s Hosting (DH), the largest free web hosting provider for dark web services has closed operations and the reason is a second hack since last 16 months on its servers that has disrupted services.

Now, the hack’s details are extremely dangerous since almost 7,600 dark web portals have been taken offline following the hack, during which an attacker deleted the web hosting portal’s entire database. Since the hacker has deleted every website hosted on its servers, there is no point in running the hosting company anymore.

The developer also says that “I am currently very busy with my day-to-day life and other projects, I decided to not spend too much time investigating,” which is as simple an explanation as it gets. This also means we have 7600 less sites on the dark web right now.