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Deepmind’s Protein folding AI is investigating on COVID-19

COVID-19 structure
COVID-19 structure

We have seen that the whole world is currently talking about one and only one thing that is Coronavirus also named as COVID-19. Now, we know that this is a virus that kills people but it is also said that certain precautions are enough to avoid getting this virus. However, the fact is that thousands have lost their lives due to this virus and it is rapidly expanding in other parts of the world.

This is also worsened by the fact that there is no vaccine available for this virus since it is a new one. The thing is that even if there is a treatment found in the next week, we will have to wait at least six months before the tests are successful and the medicines are produced at a mass level. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what the virus is doing in our body and AI can do this for us.

It is now reported that Deepmind, the AI company which is famous for its researches, has deployed its protein-folding AI to examine everything about the coronavirus. So here is how that AI from Deepmind is helping in fight against the Coronavirus:

AI could be enormously helpful for initial drug discovery in two main ways: one, screening through millions of chemical compounds for potential drugs in simulation tests, far faster than any human expert; two, identifying targets that new drugs can latch onto, either to reduce their impact (making people less sick), or to slow their spread among people.

We know that China released the genomic blueprint of the COVID-19 virus in open-access databases, whereas others have posted online the structure of some of its proteins. This means that Deepmind’s AI can understand the structure of this virus and make an antidote which would not allow the virus to get inside the human body or remove it from the body.