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Digital Ocean accepts revealing user data after exposing internal documents

Digital Ocean
Digital Ocean

There is a new hacking report every day and we know that the attackers are becoming smarter and smarter every day. There is literally no place to hide right now and privacy as well as security on the internet is a myth as well. If you have been following the news recently, the digital sector is getting affected badly and we have seen reports of WordPress and its plugins getting affected. Now, a new report reveals that one of the biggest cloud hosting providers has also been affected.

The hosting provider we are talking about is Digital Ocean and a wide variety of people are using it for different kinds of needs such as app development, website hosting as well as server management. This time around, the company messed up rather than needing the hackers to do anything. Because Digital Ocean has revealed that they left internal documents online for a time being which led to its customer data being exposed.

However, the company also says that there is no evidence of any customer’s servers being accessed even though these files were exposed. As per the email, Digital Ocean is sending to their customers, they are notifying that the files which were exposed had personally identifiable information such as customer email addresses and their respective Digital Ocean usernames, but also account technical details such as the number of droplets (servers) owned by the customer, the user’s bandwidth usage, support or sales communications notes, and the amount of money the customer paid during the calendar year 2018.

While this is not a threat to the account security, it is definitely a threat to user’s privacy and people can identify the assets owned by users and then trespass them using other methods. It is definitely a serious breach and we hope that Digital Ocean does something about it.