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Download your Twitter data on the website: New update rolled out after Bitcoin scam

Twitter hack
Twitter hack

Everyone must be aware of the recent Bitcoin scam which was undertaken on the big celebrities’ Twitter’s account through a group of hackers. The recent attack was targeted towards big names on the Twitter platform. Hackers were able to track down some internal administrations of Twitter and were able to hack into big celebrities Twitter’s handles. The hackers then tweeted requesting to send in Bitcoin from the followers of these celebrities. Hackers were able to make big money from this whole process.

Following the hack, many people were curious to know what kind of data can the hackers grab from Twitter handles. The big scam of Bitcoin has opened the eyes of Twitteratis and they are now quite serious about their security. You can now easily check what kind of data your Twitter handle holds. The administrations of the Twitter platform have started the ability for the users to download their archives. However, the concerned authorities of Twitter have shut off the feature to download the data two months earlier. Now the feature is available for the common users again.

To enable your Twitter archives you will have to follow the simple procedure. Click on the option of Settings. From settings, you will have to click on the option called Account. Scroll down and you will definitely get the option of Your Twitter Data. Click on the option now you will have to type in your password. The transfer of your data will definitely start. This feature will not be accessible If you are using the mobile application. The option is perfectly visible on the website of the platform. The Twitter archive will take a few hours to get ready. The waiting time depends on the size of your archive.

Recently, a Florida teen was arrested along with two other men. All of them was accused of the Twitter Bitcoin scam.