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Emergency security update released by Microsoft to fix two bugs

Microsoft security patch
Microsoft security patch

While we all have been practising work from home due to the Coronavirus pandemic as well as staying safe indoors, there is another problem that has come in front of us which is our online security and the fact that our data might be stolen at any point by the hackers.

Now, there have been questions asked by users towards Microsoft for their security inside Windows 10 as it is said to be less secure compared to Linux or Apple’s macOS. Now, that is proving to be the case because Microsoft has found new security bugs inside their Windows Codecs which has prompted them to release emergency updates to its users.

As per the report, the software giant based in Redmond has just sent out an emergency patch via the Windows Store app for the users on Windows 10 in order to quash a bug that is present inside their Windows codecs. Microsoft reveals that “the two security flaws can be exploited with the help of a specially crafted image file”. These updates have been pushed out silently for the users on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019 who are said to be the main targets of the bug.

Further details of the bug reveal that “If the malformed images are opened inside apps that utilize the built-in Windows Codecs Library to handle multimedia content, then attackers would be allowed to run malicious code on a Windows computer and potentially take over the device”.

One good thing about this security update is Microsoft saying that “Customers do not need to take any action to receive the update,” which is great because most people would not be aware of such things and they would be left out of the security mechanisms put in place. Also, the main thing to note is Microsoft revealing that “the bugs were privately reported and they haven’t been used in the wild before today’s patches”.