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ESET researchers spotted North Korean hackers engaging in BEC scams

North Korean hackers
North Korean hackers

One thing no one knows so far is how exactly do North Korea and the people of North Korea see the outside world even if that is possible for them. Also, we don’t know anything about the country other than the fact that it is a dictatorship meaning you can’t say anything against the President or you will be killed or executed. But what we do know is that the North Korean hackers definitely want to get involved with the outside world. Because there have been various reports that North Korean hackers are running espionage campaigns as well as they have very famous groups of hackers too.

In this new report and this one is massive, we have ESET researchers claiming that they have found the state-sponsored North Korean hackers red-handed in the act of hacking. ESET researcher reveals that “Codenamed “Operation In(ter)ception,” this campaign targeted victims for both cyber-espionage and financial theft”. Now, we know that the financial condition of North Korea is not good even though they would want to make you feel otherwise. So it does make sense that the state-sponsored hackers would try to steal money away from people outside North Korea and bring that into the country.

Revealing about the attack, ESET researcher revealed that they used “LinkedIn job recruiter profiles and private messages to approach their targets. On the guise of conducting a job interview, victims were given archives to open and view files stored inside that allegedly contained salary and other information about their future jobs”.

Obviously, the whole interview process was fake and they would tell the candidates of not being selected and terminate the process. But the “hackers would continue to operate using their initial foothold and expand their access inside the hacked company’s network” meaning that the interview was just a bait to get inside the system.