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Fake meeting invites being sent by Zoom hackers to steal information

Zoom meetings
Zoom meetings

There has always been a threat to the online world but we are currently in an unprecedented crisis which is the Coronavirus pandemic and the world has never seen something like this in decades. This means that new trends are emerging and people are finding hard to cope up with them. One new trend that has emerged out of this pandemic is that hackers are taking full advantage of the situation since everyone is online and a majority of the people don’t have much knowledge about privacy protection and their security.

As we have reported quite a few times already, Zoom which is the platform preferred by everyone right now for video calls has also been under attack the most. This means that if you are using Zoom for making video calls then you will have to be extra careful. Also, it is seen that Zoom itself has some flaws in it which need to be fixed. Now, a new type of hacking pattern is being seen inside Zoom where hackers are sending fake meeting invites. However, the problem here is that these invites are being disguised as official ones being sent by HR of your company or someone official.

This means that people are guaranteed to join that meeting and in turn, they lose their information to the hackers who exploit them for own benefits. Since these meetings are spoofed as being from their HR, it “weaponizes many people’s fear of losing their job due to the economic downturn during the coronavirus pandemic”. Therefore, people are bound to join the meeting and these hackers redirect them to own page disguised as a Zoom login page which stores all the user information inside their database to later sell it on the Dark Web or make use of it in some way or the other.