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FCPS networks were hacked by Maze Group of hackers recently: Documents posted online as a proof

Hacking tool
Hacking tool

A new ransomware attack was recorded. This time the victim was the data in Fairfax County Public Schools. The computer network of the public school was breached by hackers. The hackers have also said that they are holding the personal information present in the network so that they can receive a ransom. The concerned authorities of Fairfax County Public Schools have also confirmed the potential hack. However, the staff and the employees of the public school have said that they are not informed about the breach of their personal information. The hack was undertaken by a hacking group called Maze. They have said that personal information has been stolen from Fairfax County Public Schools. The prove about the hack is also uploaded on the internet.

A cybersecurity expert also said that this is a very dangerous situation because the hackers have already posted the proof of the hack online. Some of the documents which were posted on the internet were also reviewed by a news channel. Some of the documents also indicate personal information of students. As per the cybersecurity expert, it is said that the ransom can go up to 42 million dollars. Although, the parents of the student must not worry about the data leak. The real threat is for the staff of the school. The investigation of the problem is still going on. The representatives of the school staff are quite worried about the problem.

As per the president of Fairfax County Federation of Teachers, the employees were quite shocked to hear the hacking news. It was an alarming situation for the community and the employees are requesting the school to solve the problem as soon as possible. The authorities of the school must quickly stop the attack as soon as possible and prevent the hackers from stealing further information. Because of the procedure of online class is this hack is more severe.