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Florida Teenager arrested as ‘Mastermind’ of this month’s Twitter hack

Twitter hack
Twitter hack

There were a lot of talks about how the Twitter hack that took place earlier this month took place in the first place. There were reports that sim swapping was used to gain access to a Twitter employee’s account and then the Twitter hack was conducted. One report also emerged which revealed that hackers got access to Slack channel where Twitter’s internal tool credentials were pinned and this is how they got access. Also, that report revealed that millions of Slack credentials are available on the dark web.

While it is certain that Twitter will not reveal exactly how the hack took place, it looks like the main culprit has been found. As per the arrests done yesterday, a Florida teenager has been arrested and he is charged as the “mastermind” of Twitter hack that took place earlier this month. Reminding of the hack, the Twitter account of high-profile companies and personalities such as Barack Obama, Joe Biden, as well as Apple, Microsoft and Bloomberg were hacked. After that, a tweet was sent which said to send bitcoin donations to an address in the pretext of sending 2x the donations back.

Obviously, a lot of Americans and other users fell for this scam and it is believed that the scam was worth more than $100K in just under an hour. Moreover, the report adds that the name of this teenager is “Graham Ivan Clark” and he was arrested in his “Tampa apartment, where he lived by himself, early Friday”. “He faces 30 felony charges in the hack, including fraud, and is being charged as an adult” added the report.

However, he is not the only one as two others named Mason John Sheppard aged 19 and Nima Fazeli aged 22 were also arrested on charges of helping Graham carry out this Twitter hack.