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Florida Teenager said to be the ‘mastermind’ of Twitter hack pleads not guilty

Twitter hack mastermind
Twitter hack mastermind

Last week, we reported that the “mastermind” behind the Twitter hack was found and it was said to be none other than a teenager from Florida who is just 17 years old. Twitter pressed charges against this teenager and said that he will be prosecuted as an adult because the allegations against him are serious. Now, we have a new twist in the tale because it looks like this teenager might not be the “mastermind” behind this Twitter hack. Yes, the teenager who was found from Florida for hacking inside the platform has pleaded not guilty of charges levied against him during trials.

The hearing which took place in Tampa through video conferencing on Zoom is regarding the charges against Graham Ivan Clark such as “17 counts of communications fraud, 11 counts of fraudulent use of personal information, and one count each of organized fraud of more than $5,000 and accessing computers or electronic devices without authority.” On Wednesday, there will be another hearing for Graham which is regarding a bond and it is known that he is currently in “Hillsborough County Jail with bail set at $725,000”.

There is also a new revelation in the matter that Fazeli and Sheppard, two other people involved with Graham, in the hacking met a hacker claiming to be a Twitter employee. He claimed that he can “reset, swap and control any Twitter account at will” and that he will accept payments only in cryptocurrency. Fazeli’s father said that “He’s a very good person, very honest, very smart and loyal,”. He added that “We are as shocked as everybody else. “I’m sure this is a mix-up.”

It is known that the Twitter hack was a scam involving more than $100,000 in Bitcoin transactions which might not be recovered but it will be interesting to see who the real culprits of this hack are.