Home News Free decryption tools have saved over $600M for ransomware victims

Free decryption tools have saved over $600M for ransomware victims

No More Ransom initiative
No More Ransom initiative

Ransomware attacks are all over the world right now and we know that the only way to get saved from them is to either have a great security mechanism beforehand or use any decryption tools to avoid the damage. Now, it is great if you have the security for saving yourself from the attack but things get difficult when you have been attacked. Because getting decryption tools is not easy since they might or might not be available online. Most people would need to pay hackers in order to get the decryption tool through which they will recover files.

But we know that there are many people out there who have made decryption tools for free in order to help other victims get the files decrypted for free since many out there would not even be able to pay the ransom while some might want to save their money. There is a special initiative for that reason which is called the “No More Ransom” initiative and it has already helped more than 4 million victims of different ransomware attacks.

As per the report, this initiative has already helped a lot and it is known that they have “released free decryption tools for over 140 families of ransomware that have been downloaded a combined total of over 4.2 million times”. It is estimated by Europol that if these tools were not available, victims would have had to pay more than $632 million to decrypt the same files. Among the contributions, the highest are from Emsisoft as well as Kaspersky as well as Trend Micro. Other members of this initiative include Avast, Bitdefender, Check Point, ESET and founding member McAfee. We know that all these companies work on their own solutions as well but it is great that they are working to provide tools for free.