Home News Garmin suffers outage thanks to a ransomware attack as per reports

Garmin suffers outage thanks to a ransomware attack as per reports


While we have been talking about hacking and ransomware attacks, it is known that they have become quite frequent and have targeted companies that are famous too. Such is the case with this latest report from today where it has been reported that Garmin which is a brand in the fitness bands as well as known as the GPS technology titan has been attacked. While the company has not revealed anything, some employees at Garmin revealed that there was a ransomware attack on the company which has disrupted its services from yesterday.

It also looks like the Garmin team is in control of some parts of the system because if you visit Garmin’s website right now then you will see a “We’re sorry,” while adding that they are “currently experiencing an outage that affects Garmin.com and Garmin Connect,” along with reports that their phone systems, email and chat services have been affected too. This basically means that whole of Garmin’s system is disrupted and that this could be a massive hack.

Some media reports suggest that they saw a “services were unavailable due to maintenance” message posted by Garmin’s official Twitter account as well as Garmin India tweeting the same as well. But users have pointed out that if this was a maintenance thing, it has lasted for 12 hours and running which is not at all a routine maintenance if that’s the case.

Reports from Taiwan also claim to have seen an internal memo from Garman IT to staff saying that their systems have been compromised and that it is possible WastedLocker ransomware has infected them. While nothing is officially confirmed, we can only speculate as to what has happened. We will come back later to add official statement from Garmin on this matter and whether or not this is a ransomware attack or a “maintenance” outage.