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GoDaddy says SSH access on hosting accounts subject to data breach


You might have heard of one of the best brands in the domaining and hosting industry which is GoDaddy. If you want to register a domain name with a quick and easy process, you would know that it is one of the best and their customer support is also great. Having said that, it is a company that hosts websites and has servers and you would know that hacking incidents have increased recently. This means that every company is not immune to security threats and so is GoDaddy who has just reported a new attack on their servers.

However, it is interesting to note that GoDaddy has reported this hack which took place in October just now. They say that “We have no evidence that any files were added or modified on your account,” while adding that an unauthorised individual was able to access SSH accounts used in its hosting environment.

The company has also revealed that “The unauthorized individual has been blocked from our systems, and we continue to investigate potential impact across our environment.” Also said is that the main GoDaddy.com customer account have not been impacted by this breach and any information of the main account was not accessed.

Although GoDaddy says that they have removed all the malware and have also reset the username and passwords, they are still compensating by giving customers with a year of its website security and malware removal service for free. Revealing the scope of these services, the company said that “These services run scans on your website to identify and alert you of any potential security vulnerabilities,”

GoDaddy also added that “With this service, if a problem arises, there is a special way to contact our security team and they will be there to help.” meaning that it is a premium service along with a dedicated support team as well.