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Google now lets you set up 2FA security keys from your Android phones for security

Physical Security Key
Physical Security Key

It is a fact that Google has been working quite a lot in the field of cybersecurity to provide as much protection for its Android platform as possible. However, there is a perception that Apple’s iOS is better in terms of security. There are still many instances where Android has been proven more secure than iOS. To add to this battle, Google has just announced something new for all Android devices that might help in terms of security.

This is the announcement from Google that you can now set up your security keys via your Android devices. This means a PC or Laptop is no longer required to set this keys up. For those who are unaware, a security key is an additional layer of protection which acts as a physical login key. For example, it can be set up with your Google account and even if the password is correct then also you need to connect your physical security key for logging in to your account.

The fact that Google is now allowing you to enrol security keys from Android using Chrome, as well as macOS devices running Safari is a massive change which will bring more users onboard the security key trend. As per Google’s announcement, it is mentioned that:

We’re making it easier to enroll security keys on Android and MacOS devices by making it possible to use additional web browsers to initially register the security keys to your account.

Now, you can register security keys on:

  1. Android devices running Android 7.0 “N” and up using the Google Chrome web browser (version 70 and up)
  2. MacOS devices using Safari (v. 13.0.4 and up)