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Google still tracks users in incognito mode even after promising to remove it

Chrome incognito mode
Chrome incognito mode

Google is one of the biggest companies out there in the world right now because of the sheer amount of people that use the company’s products on a daily basis. While we know that Apple’s iPhones are also used by a lot of people, it is still mostly hardware and a combination of software.

While Google’s products are mostly software which works independently of OS or hardware. This includes one of the best internet browsers in the market right now which is Google Chrome. We know that Chrome’s popularity is a lot in the markets all over but it has issues too.

For example, Google Chrome takes a lot of RAM as well as storage on a PC and there have been jokes about how it can make any system seem slower than it is. But there are privacy concerns with Google Chrome and its incognito mode in particular right now. Because few reports emerged last year where publishers were able to track if someone is browsing from an incognito window or not.

They would be shown a message to not browse from incognito mode and restricting access because of that reason. The interesting part is that incognito mode is supposed to be private and no one should be able to know if you are using it or not.

So we now have a report that due to Google’s inaction regarding an update which it promised to roll out last year for disabling tracking inside incognito mode, the company is facing a class-action lawsuit. In this lawsuit, the plaintiff mentions that Google does not reveal that they are tracking even inside incognito mode which affects “millions of users” and damages their privacy. Publishers have also used the same script to block users from non-Google but chromium-based browsers too which is harmful to a lot of them.