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Hacker claims to have stolen 500GB data from Microsoft’s Github account

Microsoft Github
Microsoft Github

We have seen hackers who have claimed to do things that are unbelievable at first but they turn out to be totally true and accurate. Now, there is one similar instance where a hacker is claiming to have hacked the Github account of Microsoft. If you have been in the news for some time now, you might recall that Microsoft acquired the open-source developer platform Github and has moved it to Microsoft Azure while still keeping it free for everyone. This hacker claims that he not only breached the Microsoft account’s security on Github but even took out 500GB of data from that account.

Bleeping Computer reports that “hacker going by the name Shiny Hunters contacted BleepingComputer to tell us they had hacked into the Microsoft GitHub account, gaining full access to the software giant’s ‘Private’ repositories”. This hacker has also told the publication that he was planning to sell this data at first but he has now decided that he will distribute the data for free which might be because there is nothing to see.

Bleeping Computer has also seen the files and they believe the breach might have taken place on March 28 based on the timestamps from the files found. However, the hacker has also revealed that the account access has been taken back by Microsoft and that he had access for only a brief moment.

It is also said that “some of the leaked files contain Chinese text or references to latelee.org or Chinese text, which means other threat actors on the forum do not feel that the data is real”. The report adds that they have gone through the samples of this data breach and they all seem to be “mostly code samples, test projects, an eBook, and other generic items”. It looks like the data was not significant enough for Microsoft which is why they did not even reveal about this alleged hack.