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Hacker claims to have taken revenge on security firm by breaching systems

Data leak monitoring
Data leak monitoring

One thing we have seen in the cybersecurity world is that revenge plays a huge role in the hacking attempts as well as hacks too. There is a reason why we are seeing people attack some companies in particular and the reason is that they might have felt something wrong with those companies such as their opinion or policies on certain matters. Now, we have a new report and a very interesting one at that of revenge being taken by a hacker against a cybersecurity research firm. It is known that the hacker got inside the systems of this firm in order to take a revenge against them.

It is also reported that this firm’s 8200 databases were also compromised and stolen by the hacker. Ironically, the company we are talking about works in the field of “data leak detection” and provides its services to other firms. The hacker claims that he stole 8200 databases from this company which contains “the information of billions of users that leaked from other companies during past security breaches”.

As far as data leak monitoring services are concerned, companies that offer them tend to do the task that includes to “scan the dark web, hacking forums, paste sites, and other locations to collect information about companies that had their data leaked online”. This is how they reveal that some company has been hacked recently and that their data has been leaked online. This is one of the ways in which we can also find out some breached information and there are sites that let you know if your information is found in a public breach as well. According to this hacker, he stole the database that contained information about all these past breaches and he also posted ads of 50 of the biggest databases he found inside their system for sale.